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There’s no doubt that Elin Woods has been through the wringer before the eyes of everyone on the planet. When your husband Tiger — the biggest name in sports, period — takes the plunge from the “perfect man” with the supposed squeakiest-clean-cut rep around to the biggest dog of all cheatin’ dogs, it’s got to take its toll. But Elin’s not letting it beat her down. She is still keeping it together like the gorgeous and classy gal she is in these stylish Ray Ban sunglasses. These hip shades totally luxe it up, but with a cool sporty twist. They come in a boat-load of colors–eight to be exact–from classic black, brown and sand to statement-making red, violet, white and lilac. As for Elin, well, a couple things are certain: 1. she’ll keep it chic and 2. she’ll come out in the end smelling like a rose (and serious dollar bills, for that matter).

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