Photo:GSI Media

The heiress that is Paris has a tough life, doesn’t she? Not convinced? Try these on for size: custom $200K bubble-gum-pink  Bentley, couture fashion at her every whim,  pick of the litter from the hottest (and richest) suitors, world travel like it’s a trip to the corner market for milk. Just sayin’. Admittedly, she does get behind the mule (probably a golden mule) and work for the money like the rest of us. Paris’ conquests include best selling author, reality tv mega-star, and a shoe collection and fragrances that sell gangbusters. She rules the luxe life in these chic Miu Miu’s sunglasses. The shades are available in three colors–gloss black, shadow white and shadow brown. We repeat, it’s tough to be Paris.

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