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Tom’s cray-cray behavior has topped the headlines more than his films lately–TomKat, jumping on Oprah’s couches, Scientology rants and tongue lashings during Matt Lauer interviews. But he is undisputedly one of Hollywood’s most powerful actors. The ’80’s cult classic, Risky Business, started it all with his unforgettable lip-sync of  “Old Time Rock and Roll” in his underwear. Three Golden Globes later, he’s still dewy-faced and topping the box office with films like the Mission Impossible franchise (#4 is slated for release in 2011) and his latest, Knight and Day co-starring Cameron Diaz, due out June 25. In the film, he reprises his iconic aviators style statement (Top Gun ring a bell?) in Ray Ban mirror sunglasses. These classics come in a whole host of frame and lense color combos.  Guarantee we’ll be seeing that gorgeous, toothy grin for some time to come.

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