Justin Bieber and Ray-Ban Photograph

Photo: Coolspotters.com

Bieber fever has hit epidemic proportions. Tweens and teens everywhere are literally trampling over each other–at mall appearances no less–to get a glimpse of this gravity-defying-touseled-headed hottie (he says he wakes up and his hair just looks this way, but we’re not buying it). His story is not unusual: 1. Boy posts videos of himself on YouTube singing at local talent shows and such, 2. Usher sees boy on YouTube, 3. Usher meets with boy and signs him to his record label on the spot. But who coulda guessed the response–the world has become officially “Bieber-fied.” The 16-year-old Canadian boasts two platinum albums (My World and My World 2.0), is a mainstay at the top of the Billboard charts, and his music video, “Baby”, just recently surpassed Lady Gaga’s, “Bad Romance”, to become the most viewed YouTube video ever at more than 246 million views. Whoa. He keeps it real for all his fans in these Ray Ban wayfarers. His world? Mosdef.   –rpuccia

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