Jennifer Aniston and Tom Ford Jennifer Sunglasses Photograph


Jen is one of the biggest actresses in Hollywood (surprise-surprise, right?)–she’s #4 on Forbes’ just-released list of the highest paid actresses last year behind Sandra, Reese and Cameron. These days, she’s best known for her arsenal of romantic comedy films–ala her upcoming flick, “The Switch,” which hits theaters August 20th. But honestly, we love her best in the more off-kilter stuff. Like her role in the cult-film, “Office Space,” as the low-key Chotchkie’s (play on TGI Fridays) waitress, Joanna, who catches the eye of main character, Peter, for her loathing of idiotic management and love of Kung Fu TV show reruns. Most notable scenes include her rebellion against uniform standards (flair), and the argument with her boss which culminates in her being fired after she gives him the finger in front of restaurant customers. We also love how she doesn’t, (ahem), need a man to complete her. Jen’s sleek and sophisticated style is coveted by fans the world over–from head (who can forget the venerable “Rachel”) to toe. Her swoon-worthy Tom Ford shades are pure A-list material. Choose from nine chic frame colors. Jen’s fashionista status: rock solid.  –rpuccia

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