Let’s face it, Demi Moore just gets better with age. She’s a testiment that good plastic surgery IS possible. She’s got more than two decades in the biz under her belt and has weathered the highs (Ghost, A Few good Men, Indecent Proposal, GI Jane, Vanity Fair/Annie Liebowitz nude photo shoot while seven months prego) and the lows (Striptease, Beavis and Butt-Head Do America, The Scarlet Letter). But most importantly, she defined what it means to be a “Cougar”  and brought it to the forefront of pop culture when she snatched up hottie Ashton Kutcher–who is 15 years her junior. She still easily puts girls half her age to shame everywhere she goes–especially in these glam Tom Ford sunglasses. Choose from six frame/lens combos. Girlfriend owns it and flaunts it.  –rpuccia

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