Marc Jacobs MJ 098/S Sunglasses Photograph


Can we get enough of the Kardashians? (Wait, don’t answer that.) Apparently not ‘cuz  there’s more…a lotta more. Like a new, just-announced, second spin-off more. Reality TV’s most famous sisters–two of them, anyway–will star in a brand-new series set in NYC next year. E! just confirmed last week that the series– Kourtney and Kim Take New York–will follow the escapades of the two eldest Kardashian sisters in the Big Apple as they open another location of their Dash store there.  It’s slated to debut in January 2011. Kim is her usual SoCal-fresh  in these sexy Marc Jacobs shades, an adorable, not-trying-too-hard up-do, and blingy sandals. Just how we  like her. And she’s likely to show New Yorkers just how it’s done on the “West” side. –rpuccia

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