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Dum dum dee dum. After four years together, Vanessa Minillo and Nick Lachey announced they’re getting hitched. And she just debuted her gorgeous engagement ring to prove it. The ring is a platinum, Asscher cut diamond with trapezoids on the side from designer Bader & Garrin. The center stone is reportedly about 4 carats (4 years-4 carats?) and while the platinum setting is a nod to a classic ring, the stunning trapezoid diamonds give it a modern twist. Estimated price tag: $125,000. Here she whips up some unstoppable glam in these delish Tom Ford sunglasses which come in three chic frame hues. Can’t help but wonder what Nick’s ex, Jess Simpson, thinks of the impending nuptials (you know you were thinkin’ it, too). Maybe she can give Vanessa some good advice. Nooot!  –rpuccia

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