Photo: Splash News Online

SJP is quite simply put, a fashion icon. It hasn’t always been this way–she was the antithesis of a fashionista in one of her first-ever TV roles — the sitcom Square Pegs.  She became our fave Jimmy Choo stiletto-lovin’ Sex in the City diva over 25 years later. These days she’s busy behind the camera as producer for the popular Bravo series Work of Art: The Next Great Artist–which pits contemporary artists against each other for the chance at a solo exhibition. The show drew in 1.48 million viewers and a rep for the series confirms Bravo has renewed it for a second season. She’s also on the run with her brood of three kids–James Wilkie, 8, and her year-old surrogate-delivered twins, Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge. As usual, she lights up the camera in uber-stylish, yet sophisticated black shield sunglasses which perfectly set off her mixed-print, black and white ensemble and ribbon-tied booties. SJP is right on all the time.  –rpuccia

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