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As if Sarah Palin didn’t capture enough of the public’s attention during the 2008 presidential campaign, she quit her job as Alaska’s governor in 2009 to concentrate on other avenues —you know, things that had more bang for the buck than running a state.

Some may be wondering who the heck cares about this woman, but apparently a lot of people are interested in her life for some crazy reason. After all, her autobiography, Going Rogue: An American Life, is a best-seller and her second book, America by Heart, is hitting shelves any day now. A TLC reality show called Sarah Palin’s Alaska was even created just to profile Sarah, her family and their state. She’s always been known for her stylish eyeglasses, but these Versace shades with embellished temples are perfect for any diva—a fitting term for the “new” Sarah Palin.

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