Navigating the dog-eat-dog world of reality TV has got to be a daunting task. No one seems to move more gracefully through the fray like former Hills sweetie Audrina Patridge. Always coming off as the resident “good girl,” she did, however, admit during an appearance on MTV’s When I Was 17 this past weekend that she does have an adventurous side that has gotten her into some embarrassing moments. Like the time she decided to ditch school for the beach. She deposited a fake “sick” note at school and when they called her mom to check in, she covered for her, but with a deservingly embarrassing excuse–Audrina was, let’s tactfully say, confined to the toilet. She had to recount her story on the back end (no pun intended) in the school office the next day. Oh well, lesson learned–stick with the resident good girl route. She’s oh so SoCal chic in these stylish Marc Jacobs plastic aviators, available in six hip frame hues.  –rpuccia

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