Nikki Reed’s acting and screenwriting success began back in 2003 after the release of Thirteen, the autobiographical tale of her own wild and promiscuous life at that age. Nikki co-wrote the movie’s script with Catherine Hardwicke of Twilight fame and also co-starred with Evan Rachel Wood. She’s become rather well-known in Hollywood circles for playing other sexy “bad girl” characters that grow up too fast, including Rosalie Hale, who is Edward, Alice and Jasper’s adopted sister in the Twilight movies. Nikki even wrote a thank you letter to her fans, who supported her despite the controversy that arose when she (a brunette) was chosen to play Rosalie, who is described as blonde in Stephanie Meyer’s vampire novels. Seen here in a pair of glam Prada shades, Nikki recently wrapped filming of Catch .44, an action flick starring Bruce Willis and Forest Whitaker, and it’s already been announced that she’ll star alongside Hayden Panettiere in the movie adaption of Michael Hornberg’s novel Downers Grove.

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