The Daily Beast just released the “Highest Paid Reality TV Stars,” which bestows the honor of the 2nd-highest paid reality star of 2010 on Lauren Conrad. It’s estimated that she raked in a cool $5 million in 2010 (a bit less than top-earning Kim Kardashian’s $6 million year) and it’s easy to see why. LC’s gone through quite a transformation since 2004— from Laguna Beach to The Hills, or from an Orange County teen to a nationally-known socialite, fashion designer, spokesperson and author, among other things. Sugar and Spice, the final book of her L.A. Candy trilogy, was released this October and her company, Blue Eyed Productions, has already purchased the rights to turn the series in to a movie. She’d serve as producer, of course, and a new MTV series focusing on her career is already being filmed. Balancing her bag, phone and a water bottle, LC looks awesome as always in these enchanting Gucci sunglasses. They’re available in four frame / lens color combos.

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