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or is the face of the new sunglasses range.

James Franco Gucci

James Franco is the face of Gucci this fall. Image c/o

Known as a big fan of Gucci eyewear – he even wore them in Spring BreakersJames Franco is now the face of the brand, for the fall winter 2013 campaign. The campaign was shot at the beginning of summer in Los Angeles, by Mert & Marcus, and it features Franco in a red hot convertible and denim shirt, wearing the new range of Black Bamboo shades, which seem to be very much his style. The line will be released this month, and it's meant to complement the range of bamboo accessories Gucci brought in for the cold season.

James Franco in Gucci sunglasses

James Franco during his Gucci photo shoot. Image c/o

Asked by Elle magazine to define his personal style, Franco said: “Casual. Beatnik. Rugged. Jack Kerouac”. He also mentioned that he's most attracted to colors such as gray, dark brown, light blue and light yellow, and that Valentino is his favorite pop icon. After As I Lay Dying and Child of God, Franco is taking his next step as a director with a biopic about Sal Mineo, the supporting actor in Rebel Without a Cause. Mineo was one of the first openly gay Hollywood actors, and was murdered in his apartment in 1976. Franco played James Dean in a 2001 TV movie on the topic, which made him feel closer to the subject. Even though the movie has been finished since 2011, it's only now being released in the States.