Heidi may be one of the busiest moms in Hollywood, but she’s not afraid to make a goof out of herself along the way. And the former Victorias Secret model’s new TV show proves her point. Seriously Funny Kids is all about kids being funny and features Heidi getting cute answers from small kids to grown-up questions–similar to the 90s TV show Kids Say the Darndest Things. In fact, the German goddess told the press last Friday that in one episode she placed a giant fake booger up her nose just to see how the kids would react. Now that could be worth seeing! The new series, which makes it debut on the Lifetime TV network on February 1, is the latest media venture for Heidi. Her busy schedule also includes a recently-launched active wear line, designing two maternity collections, lending her name to a range of age prevention creams, and, of course, hosting Project Runway. Here she’s out and about in a chic pair of Tom Ford shades, available in four sophisticated frame colors.  –rpuccia

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