In the latest issue of Seventeen magazine, iCarly cutie Miranda Cosgrove opens up about her life growing up in the spotlight.  But the super-successful actress/singer, who will turn 18 in May, insists she’s really just like any other teen (one with over 500,000 Twitter followers, that is). She has to clean out her closet, likes to drive around with friends, and dishes about embarrassing teen “firsts” like her first date. But it’s  Miranda’s down to earth, laid-back demeanor that makes her such a star–she even still has the same friends she grew up with. This “regular girl” also reveals that she chickened out of going to college across the country far from her native Los Angeles at the last minute. “I love New York, but I’m scared to move and leave L.A.,” she says. So it’s looking like USC for two years (like 30 minutes from her house) and then on to New York to finish her final two years. But who knows. It’s hard to get up the gumption to leave the “Best” Coast.

In the meantime, she’s signed on with the Nickelodeon channel to another 26-episodes of her wildly-popular iCarly series, reportedly to the tune of a seven-figure pay day. Now that’ll buy a few text books. A young style icon in her own right, she’s an inspiration for girls of all ages in these coveted oversized Christian Dior shades–the epitome of Paris chic. Choose from four divalicious frame hues. C’est magnifique.  –rpuccia

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