Photo: Media

From bleached-out curls, baggy pants and gold hoop earrings during his boy band days to stylish fedoras, designer dress clothes and funky pieces from his own William Rast clothing line, nerdy-yet-hunky singer-turned-actor Justin Timberlake definitely stays on top of the trends. JT may have made some eyes roll when he showed up at The Social Network’s New York premiere looking dapper in a dark gray suit and thick black glasses, but hey—the N’Syncer is almost 30 years old! He’s dressing his age and besides, the guy honestly needs to wear glasses. Justin revealed that he’s nearsighted during a late-night appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live and said that he’s embraced the fact that he has to wear glasses.

Despite rumors that he cheated on longtime girlfriend Jessica Biel with Olivia Munn a few months back, Justin and Jess look happy as clams as they stroll down the street holding hands in their darling scarves. Justin’s fedora and black unisex glasses only add to his overall hotness– it’s easy to see why Jessica’s smiling. The celebs’ reps haven’t commented on the situation, but hopefully all is well for the lovebirds as Valentine’s Day approaches.

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