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The New York Times Style Magazine, T, has a special cover story this October, and it’s Justin Timberlake gracing it. Having been in the business for two thirds of his life, 32 year old Justin is not afraid to sing, act, reunite his old band or comedy shorts. “You get to this point, which I’ve done in the last five or six years, where you become less worried about success and failure,” he star says. Justin worked hard on getting where he is today, and he did so by being a great performer. Even on stage, he admits that he’s acting, doing a role, and that’s not his real self. Having all this experience helped his transition to acting be smoother. He plans on releasing the second part of his album, 20/20, this year, saying that it’s the “hotter, older evil twin sister” of the first part. He compares the first part to Marilyn Monroe, and then the second with her older, more intriguing sister.

Justin Timberlake Glasses

Justin Timberlake in his signature glasses. Image c/o

This year, Justin will appear on screen in Runner Runner and Inside Llewin Davis, the former featuring Ben Affleck and the latter being the exciting new Coen brothers movie. “A lot of people in our biz want to write songs that people want to hear and make movies that people want to see, but if the medium is changing at such a rapid pace, the question is, How do you do that?” he says. He also says that many musicians today seem to be singing the same song, only with different titles. Not the case of the folks he admires, such as Josh Homme, Kanye West, Dave Grohl, or Trent Reznor.

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