Lauren just got some seriously bummin’ news this last week. Her return to the the small screen has been officially nixed. MTV has decided not to go forward with the new reality series starring the heroine of The Hills and Laguna Beach as previously announced last September. “We decided not to go ahead with the show,” MTV exec David Janollari said of the show, which was supposed to focus on Conrad’s upcoming fashion line –Paper Crown–a dressier, pricier collection than her current Kohls pieces. The intended series was going to be a world away from the drama and cat-fights of The Hills. Therein lies the problem.

Well, needless to say Lauren didn’t take the news too kindly. She fired back in a statement that insinuated MTV wanted more of her “personal relationships” incorporated into the show, and underestimated how “savvy” her fans were. She whined: “We sold a show to MTV, filmed it and are really proud of the final result. MTV felt the subject matter was too high brow for their audience and offered me the opportunity to change the show by incorporating more of my personal life.” Whoa.  She added that the intent of the show was to be aspirational, not to air the sordid details of her personal relationships and is sorry MTV didn’t feel their viewers were savvy enough to appreciate it. A pilot was shot and MTV is considering interesting scenarios to air it. Honestly, though, to MTV’s defense, the American public has been known to love some down-n-dirty, juicy drama. Ironically, Lauren makes a dramatic statement here in these gorgeous round Chloe sunglasses, Chanel bag and a hint of red accents.  –rpuccia

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