Katie’s had enough and she’s not taking it anymore. She announced Tuesday that she’s suing the publishers of Star Magazine for 50M smackeroos, accusing them of libel over a cover that insinuated she was a drug addict. The actress filed the lawsuit against American Media Inc. in federal court in Los Angeles saying a January cover that featured the headline “Katie DRUG SHOCKER!” was false and not supported by the actual story in the magazine. The cover featured a disheveled picture of Katie, and the story itself claimed she was “trapped in a cycle of addictive treatments,” based on interviews with former Scientology members. Her lawyer, Bert Fields said in a written statement “Star Magazine’s malicious claims about Katie are untrue, unethical and unlawful.” He went on to say that the story not only defames the former Dawson Creek darling, but looks to deceive the public by making ridiculously false claims on the cover that are completely unsupported by the content inside. The complaint also contends the cover story implies that she’s splitting from husband Tom Cruise–also untrue (what a shocker, right?).

Well, Star Magazine isn’t exactly taking the news of the lawsuit lying down–even if Katie and Tom are one of the most powerful duos in Tinsel Town. They are reportedly standing by their story and said that it raises significant concerns about Church of Scientology practices, including the use of e-meters, devices that practitioners believe detect mental trauma. “Our attorneys look forward to deposing Ms. Holmes about her experiences with Scientology and the e-meter, and expect that the case will be promptly dismissed by the court,” the statement said.

TomKat aren’t the only Hollywood heavyweights who’ve recently had difficulty with cases against tabloids. In February, a federal judge dismissed claims by David Beckham against In Touch magazine over claims he cheated on his wife with a prostitute, citing “first amendment rights.”  While we wait with baited breath for the verdict, Katie’s certainly on her high horse in these fab Chloe wayfarer-style shades, which come in four elegant two-tone frame hues.  –rpuccia

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