Charlie Sheen’s soon-to-be-ex-wife and twins’ mama Brooke Mueller has reportedly signed on to film a reality show with Paris Hilton (yeah, we’re just as confused about that one as you are) but let’s not forget about his other ex, poor Denise Richards. Word on the street is that Denise is keeping her daughters with Charlie, 6-year-old Sam and 5-year-old Lola, away from their dad because she believes it’s too risky for them to be with him. Yeah, it’s a safe bet that most of the world would have to agree with her decision. Denise married Charlie before she knew he was totally cuckoo, back in 2002, and filed for divorce in 2005.

Denise’s divorce docs alleged that Charlie’s behavior was increasingly erratic, making their marriage impossible. She feared for her safety and the safety of their children, claiming that Charlie was physically and verbally abusive and had even threatened to kill her or have her killed. In 1990 Charlie was engaged to Kelly Preston—John Travolta’s wife—and although he reportedly shot Kelly in the arm on accident, he still wanted to keep firearms in the family’s home for “protection.” Denise also claimed that Sheen had become incredibly paranoid and obsessive, including beliefs in 9/11 conspiracy theories, that baby formula caused brain damage, and a desire to purchase gas masks, among other things.

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