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OK–not many can stop the shooting of a multi-million dollar blockbuster film dead in its tracks. But mega-star Will Smith sure can. Shooting on the big threequel Men in Black III has been stalled because Will doesn’t like the script and wants to see some changes, according to the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter (now on newsstands). Though the script’s original draft  (penned by Tropic Thunder writer Etan Cohen) found favor with Sony Pictures, Smith wasn’t thrilled. “He’s become very enamored with aspects of screenwriting,” says a source involved with the production. Nevertheless, in an unprecedented move, Sony stopped production—with only one act of the script completed. The problem still hasn’t been resolved–and now the hiatus has been extended until March 28 as a new writer David Koepp (who did uncredited work on the first MIB) is brought in for revisions.

Apparently, he’s got his work cut out for him. MIB III calls for Smith’s character, Agent J, to go back in time – 1969, to be exact – where he encounters famous figures of the day, like Yoko Ono, as well as a younger version of Jones’ Agent K, played by Josh Brolin. A key production source from the movie explains: “Any movie involving time travel seems to be difficult if you want to make it work and have no b-s loopholes, which has taken longer than we thought it would.” But shooting that first act without the remainder of the script in place has only compounded the issues. “It’s hard because you’re locked into the beginning of the movie. It creates problems that are just kind of crazy.” Assuming Koepp can solve the script issues, and the film makes its March 28 re-start deadline, MIB III will hit theaters in 3-D on May 25, 2012. Because of the delay, MIB III’s budget could easily pass $200 million. Now this proves Will’s got some serious clout. And he shows it in these handsome D&G shades, which come in three ultra-sleek frame hues.  –rpuccia

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