The world’s love/hate relationship with heiress/socialite Paris Hilton means she has a near-equal amount of fans and foes, and her latest “career” move definitely has some eyebrows rising. No stranger to controversy, Paris is bringing intensity to the small screen yet again with her new Oxygen network reality show, The World According to Paris, thanks to her choice of “co-stars.”

Brooke Mueller, the soon-to-be-ex-wife of Adonis DNA-blessed, Tiger Blood-enhanced Charlie Sheen, has has already been creating tabloid headlines in recent months for her broken relationship and battle with drug addiction. Beginning June 1, she’ll be seen on TV alongside Paris. Paris told PEOPLE magazine, “She’s not afraid to show who she is. She’s not afraid to tell the truth. And as a producer of the show, I love that for TV. I love someone who’s not afraid to show everything.”

It almost smells like a publicity stunt, but Paris insists that the pair “has been friends for years. My mom and her are very close, and she’s one of my good friends as well.” Sounds a bit awkward, especially since Charlie is one of Paris’ neighbors, but she swears that little detail doesn’t impact her relationship with Brooke. Ahh, the life of a celebrity. How do they handle the pressure? Who knows, but one thing’s for sure– Paris looks glam as always in these Burberry sunglasses, which are available in black, white and red.

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