When Olivia Wilde enters a room, the first thing people notice is that she’s a knockout. The 27-year-old star of  House, M.D. is undeniably beautiful, but in the latest issue of Glamour mag, she insists that she has something else to offer as well: brains. “You can be a sexy, beautiful woman and be the smartest person in the room,” she dishes in the June issue. The hottie  also opens up about the recent breakup of her marriage and more. Livvie talks candidly about her union with Italian prince/filmmaker Tao Ruspoli at just 18 and the announcement of its end in February. “Everyone said it to me — and I had to figure it out for myself — but you change so much [over time],” Olivia admits. Even so, she says “It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.” She  went on to say that she doesn’t view her marriage as a failure and that staying in a relationship that is no longer working and living unhappily is a tragedy.

Between her career and her current-single status, the starlet has plenty of happiness around the corner. She’s got seven films coming out over the next two years, including this summer’s action blockbuster Cowboys & Aliens and the comedy Butter with Jennifer Garner. And, there’s always the possibility of a new “flame”. “I don’t want to [end up in a new relationship], but I probably will. I wish I could play the field. But it’s so not me.” Regardless, these amazing Chloe shades are “all her” and  available in four ultra-chic frame hues.  –rpuccia

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