Fergie’s “Fergalicious-ness” seems to have no bounds but in the June issue of Lucky magazine–hits newsstands tomorrow–the 36-year-old singer admits there is one thing about her that could use a little improvement: She has a problem with letting things go–especially when it comes to clothes and shoes. Though A-listers get a lot of freebies, Fergie had apparently accumulated so much stuff that when she married foxy hubby, actor Josh Duhamel in 2009, he let her take over the entire top floor of their Brentwood, California, home and named it none other than “Fergie Land.” “For years I held on to everything I got,” she admits. “Part of me thought it might all go away.” Fortunately, before she could be featured on an episode of Hoarders, Fergie’s stylist decided it was time for a closet intervention, quipping ‘Just because you get things for free doesn’t mean you have to save them.’ So, she started letting go, with the purge of an unfathomable 200 pairs of shoes. The Black Eyed Pea also lets her friends shop her closet. “One of my bedrooms is filled with clothes, and when people come over, I give them a trash bag and a glass of wine, then say, ‘Go!'” (where can we sign up!)

Fergie’s love of fashion is apparent in everything she does–from the stage to her own self-named shoe collections. “I like to take on different personas…for me, it’s just playtime.” The fashion icon adds that platforms are her go-to heels for the summer “because they give you a long leg…and when my husband, Josh, kisses me, I don’t have to stand on my tiptoes.” (awwww) Fergie is all-out glam in these blingy Roberto Cavalli sunglasses, available in four frame hues. –rpuccia

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