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A leak of the new song made the singer release it early.

Britney Spears Roberto Cavalli

Britney Spears having a blast in her Roberto Cavalli sunglasses. Image c/o

If you were looking forward to Britney Spears' new song, then you're in for a treat: “Work Bitch” is out! The singer herself isn't that happy about it, though. The single was supposed to be out on September 16th, at 6 PM ET, according to the official Britney Spears website, which had fans teased for a while now. “All eyes on me. The new era begins with Work Bitch”, said the message on her home page. However, more than a day earlier, on Sunday, a low-quality version of the song leaked online, to the dismay of the singer. “Woke up today and saw that a low quality version of Work Bitch had leaked :(,” she tweeted yesterday. She also advised her fans to restrain themselves for a few hours, until the remastered version came out on the radio. We wonder what read fan could actually do this? Still, the song is now available on iTunes, and the pop princess is happy again: “I am truly overwhelmed and so grateful for all of your support. The Britney Army is amazing. I may have teared up a little…. I <3 you," she addressed her Twitter followers. She also announced a surprise for Tuesday morning's Good Morning America, and she promises it will be worth it. Will she sing it live? We surely hope so!

Listen to the song here: