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The singer’s 8th album is not her best one.

The cover of Britney Spears - Britney Jean.

The cover of Britney Spears – Britney Jean. Image via Rolling Stone

On November 21, Britney Spears had a “Britney Jean” album listening party, revealing collaborations with and T.I. The singer also revealed that the songs are more personal on her eighth album, telling the break-up from Jason Trawick or those moments when she feels alienated and nervous. However, it seems like the critics didn’t appreciate her struggle,with Digital Spy calling the album “surprisingly un-Britney”. “Everyone realizes that there’s not much Britney in a Britney Spears album”, says Washington Post, who also call the album “most instantly forgettable”. However, MTV seems to appreciate the pop singer’s new thing: “Working with a team of top-notch talent that includes David Guetta, Diplo and Dr. Luke, Spears has crafted a spiritual sequel to 2007’s fan-favorite Blackout, an album that flits between rousing dance anthems like “Work Bitch” and introspective tracks like “Passenger,” and, in the process, explores the pitfalls of fame and personal loss.”

A scene from Britney Spears - Work Bitch music video.

A scene from Britney Spears – Work Bitch music video. Image via E!Online

Britney Spears launched the new album on her 32nd birthday, two years after her last one. Between the personal stuff she included, the performer also got a little weird. Huffington Post made a top of the freakiest lyrics on the new record, including our “favorite”:“She like the way I eat her, beat her, beat her / Treat her like an animal somebody call PETA” on Tik Tik Boom. It’s hard to understand what she means with that, and it’s probably none of our business.

Listen to some album snippets below:

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