It’s pretty obvious that Tori Spelling has a ton of passions–being a mother and wife, writing books, designing jewelry, cooking, throwing weddings, etc. That’s why she decided to launch her own lifestyle website, aptly named ediTORIal, where the 38-year-old reality star will share her “tips and tricks” on everything from being a working mom to throwing a great party. Although she’s got a pretty full plate–and is preggo with her third child to boot–Tori is keeping the biz ventures flowing … she just opened her L.A. boutique InvenTORI in March for cryin’ out loud! “I wanted to start an online community where women could gather and communicate, get advice, tips, and how to’s towards inspired living,” she said about starting ediTORIal. She added that she wants the site to help women lead a chic, artful, and meaningful life through style, relationships, parenting, food, entertaining, and crafting, all while still maintaining a budget. (Being the daughter of the late great TV mogul Aaron Spelling, not sure what she knows about living on a budget, but anyhoo…)

As the editor-in-chief of ediTORIal, Tori says she does have a team of writers working with her to help bring “the vision to life,” but, impressively, she is posting one to two blogs daily Monday thru Friday entirely on her own. “I find the time to do all my ventures simply because of passion. My business ventures all pertain to things I love the most– my family, fashion, and my love of entertaining.” Here Tori works her love of fashion in these whimsy-chic heart-shaped Moschino shades, available in signature frame hues red, light beige, and black.  –rpuccia

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