Other than the John Hughes movies (The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink), can you think of any other ’80s teen movie more defining of the era than Footloose? There’s such fond nostalgia in picturing Kevin Bacon trapped in a small town where the high schoolers aren’t allowed to dance, his outlandish ¬†somersaulting in a barn, and the film’s retro soundtrack featuring “Mr. Soundtrack” of the day, Kenny Loggins. Well, ready or not, the remake is on the horizon and hits theaters October 14. The movie, directed by Hustle & Flow’s Craig Brewer, appears to be a scene-by-scene remake starring the adorable Julianne Hough as Ariel Moore, newcomer and dancer Kenny Wormald as Ren MacCormack, and Dennis Quaid as the town’s stringent Rev. Shaw Moore.

Julianne and her co-star Kenny got into character by stepping (make that dancing!) in front of the lens for the September issue of Elle magazine. In a behind-the-scenes video from the photo shoot, the 23-year-old recalled that she had an early affiliation with the original soundtrack. “Actually my first dance on Dancing With the Stars was ‘Let’s Hear It For the Boy’ with Apolo Ohno,” Julianne says. The updated album includes many of the beloved Footloose classics sung by modern artists, from Blake Shelton on the title track to Victoria Justice on the ballad “Almost Paradise.” Here Julianne is kickin’ it in fab Chloe shades, available in four frame hues. –rpuccia

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