Photo: Media

Last week Vanessa Hudgens enjoyed some retail therapy with younger sis Stella, hitting some of her favorite stores like Wasteland and Urban Outfitters. Nessa was photographed sporting some roar-worthy animal-print shorts and a pair of wedge heels, a total 180 from her usual boho style, but her clothing choices aren’t the only thing that’s changed— she recently chopped off her luscious locks. The short haircut shocked some fans, but considering it was for her role in the upcoming flick Gimme Shelter, it was all in a day’s work for this former Disney darling.

Nessa plays a pregnant teen that’s turned away by her Wall Street father, played by Brendan Frasier. She’s forced to hit the streets in order to survive because against her father’s wishes, she refuses to have an abortion. Not quite as perky as HSM, that’s for sure, but Vanessa is excited for everyone to see the film. Seen here in a pair of designer Giorgio Armani sunglasses, it’s easy to see that Vanessa’s new ‘do gives her a whole new look. By the way, the shades are available in four frame / lens color combinations!

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