Vanessa Hudgens in Gucci sunglasses


Vanessa Hudgens looks fresh in her Gucci aviator sunglasses, and we love seeing the young star turn into a true fashionista. The 24 year old actress and her boyfriend, Austin Butler (The Carrie Diaries), attended the John Varvados site relaunch party in New York this Tuesday. Hudgens wore an all black boho-chic outfit, while Butler picked a smart suit for the event. Although she usually uses her blog for Instagram pictures of herself and her dog, Hudgens decided to use the platform to raise awareness during American Heart Month, which is February. “It only takes 20 minutes a day, but the health benefits can last a lifetime! For example, walking helps to improve blood pressure and blood sugar levels, helps to maintain body weight and lower the risk of obesity, reduces the risk of breast and colon cancer, and my personal favorite…. Walking enhances mental well-being. Love that! That’s just touching the surface; there are soo many other health benefits to walking. You’re never too young to start thinking about these things. Start a healthy lifestyle now and create health habits and routines that will have a long-term benefit,” the Spring Breaker wrote.

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