Oh what to do when your reputation here at home has taken a turn to that of a stale, less-than-serious socialite? Take it overseas, that’s what. While Paris Hilton’s star has faded here in the States, no one can deny that the 30-year-old has built quite the brand abroad. She debuted a new line of handbags and accessories at a mall in Mumbai, India, this past weekend as part of a tour of the country that lasted three days. She also recently introduced her shoe line in Istanbul, Turkey, and when asked about her business savvy during a press conference for the launch, she sounded dead-serious (for once): “For a woman today in this world to be successful, it really takes a lot of dedication and work, believing in yourself, having confidence. I get the drive from my family. Growing up in the Hilton family, I have a lot to live up to. It just runs in my blood, watching my grandfather, my great grandfather, what they’ve created, I wanted to create something of my own, so I’ve created my own brand.” Boy, has she ever!

The company Brand Concepts plans to open eight Paris Hilton stores — which will sell her handbags and accessories — throughout India by March. And it sounds like the former reality star has plenty of other big plans in the works as well. Paris recently revealed that she’s also recording a new album (really?), writing a book, producing TV shows and movies, and “getting into real estate,” in addition to designing. Her global brand seems to have no bounds, as does her chic collection of shades, like these Gucci oversized sunglasses available in sleek black and havana frame hues.  –rpuccia

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