Justin Bieber recently put men twice his age to shame in the “romance” department. The epic pop singer treated his lucky lady love and fellow pop singer Selena Gomez to an extravagant night at the Staples Center–ALONE.  This intimate evening he planned for Gomez and himself should go down in a “How to Woo a Lady” manual and guys everywhere will be cursing Justin under their breath. Ok picture it: Staples Center with its 20,000 seats completely empty of all spectators, athletes and personnel; Center court with an intimate table set for two under candle light; a night of fine dining and even a classic romance movie–Titianic— rolling while the pair dine on steak and pasta from the Lexus Club. Ahhh, young love. (sigh)

The cost, you ask? Obviously the Staple Center is not available to just any Joe-Schmo who wants to impress their date. Sorry, fellas. But if  you’re a high profile pop star who has sold out the Staples Center on three separate occasions, you can have the keys to the arena for FREE.  And to put things even further out of reach, the Lexus Club  is a members-only restaurant. But with an annual salary of $53 million, the “Never Say Never” singer can clearly afford things that most can only dream of. Perhaps they were also celebrating Selena’s newest gig: she can now add Awards Show host to her resume as of this November. Rocking headlines is the news that Gomez is going to host the 2011 MTV European Music Awards on November 6. Here Justin is rock star chic in classic Ray Ban wayfarers.  –rpuccia


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