It was tough to miss Whitney Port at New York’s Fashion Week last month, thanks to her bold outfits. The Hills alum / fashion designer is hard to miss under normal circumstances since she’s so gorgeous to begin with, but she made quite a statement stepping out in the Big Apple wearing an olive green blouse with a bright A-line yellow skirt—definitely a daring combination. It was also a total 180 from the outfit Whit was photographed sporting in L.A. last week, a baggy blue tee and what appeared to be pajama pants. Guess that’s proof that even the stars have their moments.

When asked about the inspiration for her latest design collection, Whitney told the press, “This lifestyle of the L.A. girl mixed with the New York girl, which is what I find myself being constantly,” and even offered a bit of style advice for all us regular, non-jet-setting girls out there. “It’s not necessarily about what everyone else is wearing or what’s on trend or what the celebrities are wearing. If it doesn’t work for you, you don’t have to go with it.” These adorable Christian Dior sunglasses definitely work for Whitney and we’re glad she decided to go with them. The glam cat-eye shades can easily add a bit of vintage yet modern funkiness to any outfit.

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