Uber-sexy No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani is known for her platinum blonde locks, ruby-red lips, and funky yet sophisticated style, but the fashion designer and mom of two likes to dress a bit more casually when she’s in England, where she and her family live part of the year. British hubby Gavin Rossdale, lead singer of grunge-alt rock band Bush, hails from Kilburn, London, so the clan splits their time between California and the UK. Gwen’s been photographed sporting baggy jeans and knitted sweaters in the cold British sunshine, looking happy and at home while strolling down the sidewalks among the common folk with her son Kingston in tow.

Speaking of Gwen’s style, her Harijuku Mini childrenswear line is set to hit Target shelves on November 13 and doting parents are already itching to purchase the stylish clothing for their tots. Fun tutus, fuzzy hoodies with animal ears, and punk-inspired tees are just a few of the items that will go on sale at the budget-friendly retailer. There’s No Doubt in our minds that the collection will sell out just as quickly as Target’s Missoni flop last month, but Gwen’s already working on a follow-up collection, due out in January. Seen here looking 100% glamourific in a pair of stylish cat-eye Christian Dior sunglasses, Gwen is the perfect combination of the 3 S’s—sexy, sultry, and sophisticated. The shades are available in a rainbow of colors, from pink, purple, and aqua to traditional brown and black.

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