Kat Von D was famously the rebound girl for Jesse James after his rather tasteless, infidelity-ravaged divorce from Sandra Bullock last year. Our fave tattoo artist and the motorcycle mogul called it quits for good in September following a nixed engagement and a brief reconciliation. In a recent Facebook post, Kat aired out her dirty laundry by venting that Jesse cheated on her as well. (What a shocker, right?) “Today I encountered the 19th girl to add to the list of people Jesse cheated on me with during this last year,” she wrote in the post, entitled “Thank You, Jesse James.”  “I kept going back and forth in my mind as to what the best way would be for me to release and let go of any residual feelings remaining from that toxic relationship,” she added. “All of this may sound petty or immature to some, but I assure you this is coming from a place of pure honesty and love.”

Kat did admit in her post that she thought Jesse was vilified and unfairly depicted in the media. “There was a time when I was confident and excited at proving the world wrong, because I believed so deeply in people’s ability to change for the better,” she wrote.  She indicated that the post was about making peace with herself, and forgiving herself for making some bad decisions.  She may be challenged at picking men, but she certainly makes the grade in choosing these bad-to-the-bone Dolce & Gabanna gold aviators.  –rpuccia

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