Photo: Media

Call it an early Christmas gift–for herself, of course. Our fave hotel heiress just treated herself to a brand new 2012 California Spyder Ferrari worth $300,000. The red sports car was delivered to her L.A. home just last week. A star-struck Ferrari dealership employee dished to X17: “When Paris walked in all of our eyes were on her,” the source said. The source also added a Ferrari “plug” saying that the company is super-excited that she has purchased one of their cars because they know it’s going to bring worldwide exposure and that Paris is the perfect fit for their brand. (No kidding!) Paris actually waited a whole day to take her new ride out for a spin, telling her Twitter followers: “Just drove my new car for the first time. Such a beautiful car and so much fun to drive! I love it!” What’s not to love.

In addition to her new Ferrari, Paris has a fleet of drool-worthy 4-wheeled gems in her ever-expanding garage including two Bentleys, a Lexus LFA, a hybrid Escalade and a Range Rover. Here, she takes her A-list style all the way in a shimmery, yet groovy headband and fab Tom Ford shades, available in four versatile frame hues. –rpuccia

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