Selma Blair is basking in the joy of her recently born son, Arthur Saint. But as overjoyed as this 39-year-old new mom is over her new addition, she is also experiencing a few not-so-joyful side effects from the birth of her bundle of joy. In an interview with People magazine, Selma revealed that she’s losing her hair! Yes, like going bald. “This is so not glamorous, but it’s true: I need to take longer showers so that I can collect the hair that falls out and throw it away so I don’t clog the drain.” (oh, boy.) Selma went on to explain that the hair loss started when her son was about three months old. “I’m not a girl who likes extensions,” she told People. “So Selma’s going to be bald.”

Apparently, this isn’t the first time that Selma has shared personal–and brutally honest–details about post-baby life. Back in September, the actress said that she hadn’t lost ANY weight (not one pound) since the birth in July. “I still weigh the exact same number. I haven’t really been focusing on that at all, because I’ve been running around…” Fans can certainly appreciate this down-to-earth starlet. Here, she’s positively mama’licious in these chic black oversized wrap-around shades.  –rpuccia

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