Photo: Pacific Coast News

Emma Watson, aka Hermione Granger, is all grown up! She was shot on a Venice Beach set for her latest film The Bling Ring with a provocative new look–a complete departure from her Harry Potter heritage. Her part is that of a bad girl in the Sofia Coppola-directed flick about the group of California teenagers who robbed the homes of a long list of celebrities, including Orlando Bloom, Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox. In the new photos, Emma shows off a whole new side, prancing around in Daisy Dukes micro-shorts, a bra top and animal-print heels. She even dons a temporary “tramp stamp” tattoo on her lower back to complete the transformation.

The film is based on the infamous group of celebrity-obsessed teens — also known as the Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch — who used the Internet to track the whereabouts of some of L.A.’s most famous residents and then robbed them when they weren’t home. Between October 2008 and August 2009, the group stole more than $3 million in belongings and cash, mostly from Paris Hilton. They were finally busted after someone identified one of the girls on surveillance video captured at Lindsay Lohan’s home. Here, Emma bids farewell to Hermione in sexy, belly-baring garb and Ray Ban sunglasses.  –rpuccia

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