Marilyn Manson was already controversial enough due to his look, videos and lyrics. However, there’s one more thing that keeps him in the spotlight, and it’s not occult books or heavy make-up: Manson’s love life continuously hits the front pages of newspapers, as the poor soul tries to find his one and only. In between engagements to Rose McGowan, Evan Rachel Wood and a brief marriage to Dita von Teese, Manson had enough free time to be with other women as well, to the dissatisfaction of his fiancees. His latest fiance appears to be Seraphim Ward, an aspiring filmmaker that is 15 years younger than Manson. After the press speculated on how he offered her a family ring, how happy they both are and how Manson was off the market, it turned out it was all a publicity stunt. “This is untrue. He has never met this woman,” Manson announced days later. Sad about the prospects of single life, or perhaps satisfied about it, Manson was sporting an all-black outfit with a studded shirt and Prada aviator sunglasses.

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