No other gossip source is better than Twitter: celebrities as well as average people feel the need to confess on the micro-blogging platform, offering us a scoop into their real lives. This way, Rihanna recently tweeted that she missed her flight to London due to a night of partying with Jay-Z and Kanye West, and soon after she said that she’s “sober and tired and bored.” Isn’t that something, given that the worldwide famous singer is only 24. When she wasn’t out getting drunk with fellow performers, Rihanna managed to find the time for her cinema debut: Battleship. The action movie shows Rihanna as Petty Office Cora “Weps” Raikes and it has just been released in cinemas, but it’s not as successful as the “crew” expected – Battleship is still behind The Avengers in earnings. We’ll see if the movie’s following weekends are better, but meanwhile we can’t take our eyes off the main actress: in skinny jeans and a checkered top, Rihanna rocks her head scarf and Ray Ban sunglasses day or night.

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