The Glee Project, a talent contest that replaces the TV show for the duration of summer, had quite the special twist this week. Dianna Argon acted as a guest and a mentor, training the remaining five contestants in the secrets of acting. “I think Dianna has had more to do and more changes as an actress than any of the other characters on Glee,” Robert Ulrich told the group. “Quinn is what we would describe, in the nicest way possible, as a roller-coaster character. One minute she’s the kind friend to Rachel…and the next minute she’s scheming to steal her baby back from her adoptive birth mom.” Argon has lots of advice to give, especially since she’s now filming alongside a cast like never before. The 26 year old will be seen next year in “Malavita”, together with Robert de Niro, Tommy Lee Jones and Michelle Pfeiffer.

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