Although Gisele Bundchen is in great shape as ever, rumors were heard that she might be pregnant for the second time. The supermodel denied the rumor several times before admitting to the press what we already knew: that she’s expecting. Gisele kept the secret for five months, with baggy t-shirts and loose clothing, but she now finally admits that her and husband Tom Brady are very happy about the baby. The couple are also parents of 2 year old Benjamin Rein Brady, while he has another child with an ex girlfriend. He said: “I want to have four kids and I want to be a really good dad, too.” Not sure if Giselle’s wish is the same as her husband’s, but given the amazing body she struts, with only 4 months of the pregnancy to go, we can suppose that we’ll see Gisele rocking the runway again come spring.

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