Would you rather: Naomi Watts vs. Katy Perry

43 year old Naomi Watts and 27 year old Katy Perry share the same taste when it comes to sunglasses. Academy Awards nominee Watts picked a classic, age appropriate color for the Prada sunglasses, matching them with a nude lip, while MTV’s Artist of the Year 2011 Perry went for a characteristic funky style, with neon green shades and a fuchsia lip. Although the two share a slightly similar fashion gene, they couldn’t be more different – style wise, personal and career wise. After her recent divorce, Perry gave dating a new chance, only to be heartbroken once again: John Mayer dumped her after just a few weeks, just as she was starting to be into him. Meanwhile, Watts makes a couple with Ewan McGregor, but only on the big screen. The two are starring in the drama The Impossible, about a family’s survival of the 2004 tsunami.

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