50 year old Julie White is part of the cast of NBC’s latest sitcom, Go On,  starring Matthew Perry. The show revolves around a therapy group for people who suffered a great loss – in her character’s case, the death of her wife. “Anne” is a tough business woman with a soft side, which is gradually revealed through the first season of the show. The sitcom received good reviews so far, and we hope it will get picked for a second season next year. “A lesser show might have thrown Ryan and therapy group leader Lauren into a relationship, or at least started some Sam-and-Diane-esque flirting, by now, because that’s what you do when the two leads of a show have good chemistry. But because “Go On” is taking Ryan’s grief seriously, there’s been zero movement on that front. Which is as it should be, at least at this point in the show’s run,” according to Zap2it. Through the 6 episodes so far, White’s character is constantly  wearing black, full rim Ray Ban eyeglasses, which give her a strict look which is perfect on Annie.

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