At 22 and 22 million albums sold worldwide, Taylor Swift shouldn’t have anything to worry about. However, like many in her place, she’s freaking out because of the intrusive paparazzi, as she recently told a magazine in an interview. The singer told BBC: “I don’t think it’s necessarily that paparazzi are taking pictures of me that freaks me out, as much as the fact they’re hanging out with you all day. I asked to be a singer, I wanted this, so I can kind of understand it when they’re waiting outside a radio station or on a red carpet. But it gets to be a bit irritating for me when they’re waiting for me outside my house, or when I’m on vacation and they’re there too.” Poor Taylor, she didn’t expect that much attention when she signed up for being one of biggest hits of the decade! As for her latest big hit, “We are never ever getting back together”, the singer wrote it through a random happening, and in about 25 minutes: we were actually writing another song. Randomly this guy walked into the studio who I had never met before – but I heard of him through my ex – and he made some comment about how he’d heard that we were going to get back together. That was not the case! After he left I explained the story to Max and said, ‘We are never ever getting back together’ and someone said we should write that. I just grabbed the guitar and it just happened”.

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