How often does it happen that you get not one, but two successful TV series as an actor? Not very often! Rachel Bilson is lucky enough to have lived through this experience, with The O.C. in 2003-2007 and Hart of Dixie now. Plus, she’s a fashion icon, so does it get any better than that? The 31 year old actress told “I really just like to throw things together and be comfortable. I’m a casual dresser. I couldn’t tell you what sort of outfits to look for or anything like that, but I just enjoy mixing and matching and layering and throwing things together. So it’s going to be just a mash up of things.” When asked what her girl crushes are, in terms of dressing, Bilson mentioned the Olsen twins, Alexa Chung and Diane Kruger, all renown fashion icons themselves. Catch a new episode of Hart of Dixie on CW tonight.

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