Would you rather: Miley Cyrus vs. Vanessa Hudgens in Tom Ford sunglasses
The two young startlets have a couple of things in common: they were both discovered by the Disney Channel and turned into teen stars, they both have something to do with the Jonas Brothers – Miley having dated Nick, and Vanessa having sang with the band in duets – and apparently, they both like the same sunglasses: the Tom Ford FT0198 ($232). Miley Cyrus recently opted for a more edgy look, with bleached and shaved hair and rock’n’roll outfits, while Vanessa Hudgens, who is 4 years her senior, opts for classics like black and white and Chanel accessories. How can we compromise between these two young ladies? One thing to start with are the famous square shaped Tom Ford sunglasses, against a pair of bright fuchsia skinny jeans, and a strapless corset, and a large ring in the style of Cyrus. To add some of Hudgens’ part to this look, we opted for a Burberry black cardigan and a Chanel bag. Stylish meets edgy!
Who do you think wore the sunglasses best?