Sophia Bush showed her support for Obama once again, dressing up as a “binder full of women” for Halloween, a reference to Romney’s speech recently, which caused an Internet sensation. The actress discussed her show “Partners” with HuffPost Life, saying: “Now that I’m in Joe’s [David Krumholtz’s] life … [Louis] cannot just barge into our apartment whenever he wants to, because I’m a lady and sometimes I don’t have any clothes on,” Bush explained. “So not only does Michael Urie barge in on me in my bra … our audience got to do that as well.” But Bush is not just about stripping down: the actress also revealed that she’s part of an amazing charity, Pencils of Promise, building schools in countries of high needs and little possibility. Tune in for the next episode of Partners next week on CBS, as this week’s airing was postponed because of the storm.

Get Sophia’s look: Emilio Pucci sunglasses.