38 year old Robbie Williams feels like everything has changed since the birth of his daughter, Theodora, a few weeks ago. About fatherhood, he sais: “I really do love it. I was worried before she came – I’d been a pop star since the age of 16 and I’d never done anything for myself and then all of a sudden I was being asked to take care of this life (…) The baby came out and everything changed, cosmically, spiritually, life, everything. I’m a new parent and I’ve still got that euphoria.” The singer is now back in the spotlight, with a new album coming out (“Take The Crown”), three gigs at the O2 arena this month and on the Oxford Street Christmas lights. His new single, “Candy”, is his first number one hit in 8 years, which means his 14th number one hit (Take That included). Williams welcomes the happening with open arms: “Good work Team Williams and thanks to everyone who got it there. I’m so excited about this album and this is a great start.”

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